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Chimney Repairs




Removing and replacing damaged bricks!

Cutting out a damaged brick entails chiselling out the existing mortar around the brick and drilling several holes into the damaged brick. The joints are cleaned out completely removing the remaining loose mortar.

The damaged bricks are removed, although we do not remove too many bricks from the chimney at any one time. The chimney repair is done in stages, removing only a handful of bricks ensuring the chimney is secure and safe.

The chimney breast is then hosed down with water removing any remaining dust in preparation for the replacement bricks. A bed of mortar that is colour matched to the original is applied to the spaces between the bricks in a layer that is the same thickness as the adjacent joints.

Replacement bricks that are the same as the existing are placed onto the mortar bed and skilfully pointed and cleaned with a soft brush to finish.




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